Hey, Microsoft: What's Your Tablet Strategy?

PC World: It was a holiday weekend in the U.S., but in Taipei, it was time for the start of Computex-the show that serves as an excellent freeze-frame of what the PC industry is excited about at the moment. Judging from the news so far, what it's excited about is the iPad.

fatstarr4747d ago

Personally Microsoft should have the same strategy as Google. An Os just wont cut it it has to be tailored for an app market and easy customization and grounds for endless possibility. when I got my first windows phone I was angered cause the iphone just came out a year later. I disliked the fact that it wasn't touch friendly.
In the end Microsoft should just sit back and take control of the os market and pull out of phones and other gadgets until they come up with something cool. I don't see windows phone 7 doing any good or catching on. Android did what windows was supposed to do against apple and now look they are controlling a relatively large % of the smart phone os market and it has not even been 2 years yet.