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"Quit Facebook Day" Only Affects 2% of U.S. Users

PcMag: Have you heard of "Quit Facebook Day?" If not, you're not alone. In response to the recent Facebook privacy issues, a batch of users founded this celebration of-sorts (not on Facebook, obviously) in hopes that thousands more would join their commitment to deactivate their Facebook accounts come May 31. Well, that's tomorrow, and according to a new batch of research from Vision Critical, "Quit Facebook Day" appears to be a bust.

fatstarr4870d ago

Lol its going to be like high school cut day. No one is going to really do it 100%.


Messenger will return the Facebook mobile app thanks to Meta

Messenger will return the Facebook mobile app thanks to Meta.

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How to change your birthday on Facebook

Now you can get happy birthday messages on your actual birthday instead of some random day.

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556d ago

Facebook says to follow its livestream rules or be banned, this is your only warning

Facebook has to implement new rules for Facebook Live because people are literally the worst. Now, if you break the rules you'll receive a ban.

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