Apple Now World's Largest Tech Company; What Does This Mean for Us?

Technology Universe write: "Just three days ago, May 26th, 2010, Apple overtook Microsoft as the largest technology company in terms of market value. This is not exactly the biggest surprise, due to the soaring popularity of Apple products such as its lineup of iPod models, iPhone, the recently introduced iPad, and Mac computers. But what does this mean for the industry as a whole?"

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fatstarr4866d ago

"Competing companies will lead the industry to new innovations tomorrow that we could not even imagine today. " I am glad for this. Imo Apple will never be number one unless 51% of the businesses and their operating systems convert from windows/linux to apple. I couldn't do it I hate using macs.

striped944866d ago

Agreed, that's really what drives the industry...competition between companies.

lonix4865d ago

Which is good because for the last 10 years they havent innovated on anything

windows 7 is a vista service pack just like xp is a service pack for 2000

brennton4865d ago

Yeah that's so true. Microsoft will have to do something darn good to stay in front of the pack with Windows 8.


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