Samsung Develops USB-powered LCD PC Monitor

Tech On: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd developed a 18.5-inch LCD display whose power consumption is as low as 6.3W and exhibited it at SID 2010.

At the company's booth, the display was connected to a PC via a USB2.0 cable and powered only by the PC.

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fatstarr4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

o.o Interesting. I would like more news on this, some fun things I can do with it. If something like this were to take off what would happen to VGA,DVI,HDMI cables and video cards(well maybe not)...?

brennton4378d ago

Mmmm it would be interesting to see what would happen.

GodsHand4376d ago

I don't think nothing would happen to a graphics card, only that it would have a USB port on the back, instead of the standard one. Like how you see some with HDMI. More then likely if this catches on, they will op for the newer USB 3.0 .