Teens and smartphones: Coolness is key

ComputerWorld: Ask a group of high school students what they think of the latest smartphones and cell phones and you'll likely hear a lot of "It's so cool" or "I hate it," with very little in-between.

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Speed-Racer4749d ago

No sh**? Pshh functionality...who cares about that ... once it's cool. xD

Syko4749d ago

Ya, it's more along the lines of...What do all my friends have? I want that one.

duplissi4749d ago

ive never truly comprehended that either... i look at that situation and think "ill get what they dont have" unless of course the said device is one of few that perform a specific task well.

Thracks4749d ago

And this is why iPhones are popular. Dumb sheep who only care about how "cool" it looks.

fatstarr4749d ago

Well in terms of coolness imo the iphone fell off. Many people think they are the tippy top dog, but since its become casual its lost a majority of its geek appeal. The ipad is next... just more casual consumers thinking they are tech savvy gurus -_-

brennton4748d ago

Not entirely. The iTunes App Store assists Apple as well - and combined with the novelty of touch games and apps, many become excited about the phone. For many, the iPhone is a phone that works - and they don't need the complications Android has.