HTML5: seriously, it's not just for video

Engadget writes, "In a way, HTML5 has been reduced to a buzzword. You hear a lot of noise about how great it is for video, and how the web standard is an alternative to Flash content, but you don't see a whole lot of examples of that.

We thought we'd take a moment and round up some of the cooler, more exciting instances of HTML5 online -- sites and experiments that go way beyond just playing someone's home movies."

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fatstarr4756d ago

html5 is pretty cool I never knew it could do all of this. This seriously kept me entertained for a bit. had to use chrome and no load times or nothing. tried internet explorer 8 for fun
I got this....

"Your browser, Internet Explorer, is not cool enough.
Please upgrade to Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Safari.

Yours faithfully,
Mr.doob" = just awesome

Syko4756d ago

I was hypnotized by the Mega Man demo...That music is magical and it looked so damn good I couldn't click out. Weird.

Theonik4755d ago

THe music for it didn't work on me. Only the bass.

Thracks4756d ago

I'm using the Firefox 3.7 nightly builds, and all of these ran great.

brennton4755d ago

HTML 5 is very, very good. Shame it won't be supported on many computers, given some people are still using IE6! I foresee another big fragmentation coming.