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X-51A Waverider breaks supersonic flight record

Boeing's X-51 WaveRider has made aviation history by completing the longest ever supersonic combustion ramjet-powered flight. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flew for almost three and a half minutes in the skies off the southern California coast on Wednesday, reaching an altitude of about 70,000 feet and hitting hypersonic (Mach 5) speeds.


Boeing unveils unmanned fighter jet

Boeing has unveiled its new autonomous combat jet dubbed the Boeing Airpower Teaming System.

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annoyedgamer1869d ago

Pilots everywhere cringed in fear as they realized their jobs were no longer secure.

Cobra9511868d ago

"Boeing has said that these highly configurable autonomous jets will be made available to the global market . . ."

I wonder how the US Dept of Defense will feel about that. Maybe they'll throw lots of money at Boeing to make it exclusive.


Boeing takes its self-flying passenger air vehicle out for a short test flight

Boeing is claiming this as an important milestone for its NeXt division, which is responsible for developing autonomous aircraft.

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Boeing's hypersonic plane could get you from New York to London in 2 hours

Boeing's latest plane concept could shuttle passengers at Mach 5, or speeds that top 3,800 miles per hour. That \get you anywhere in the world in one to three hours of flight time
It would be more than twice as quick as the legendary Concorde, which could make transatlantic flights in under four hours and retired over a decade ago. It would even be faster than the Lockheed SR-71, which carried two Air Force officers up to speeds of 2,193 miles per hour in 1976.

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