The $75 Future Computer

Forbes: Take a look at the designs for what could someday be the world's cheapest PC, and you may start to wish you were a third-grade child in Burundi.

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte's non-profit effort aimed at putting cheap educational laptops into the hands of developing world schoolchildren, is working on an upgrade to its so-called XO computer, once known as the "hundred-dollar laptop."


Nicholas Negroponte Welcomes India's $35 Tablet for Education

OLPC News: One Laptop per Child applauds Minister Kapil Sibal for promoting a $35 tablet. Education is the primary solution to eliminating poverty, saving the environment and creating world peace. Access to a connected laptop or tablet is the fastest way to enable universal learning. We agree with you completely.

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Multitouch Making Its Way to OLPC Laptops

Hot Hardware: Chris Ball, the Lead Software Engineer for the OLPC project, made a series of announcements this week about the direction the low-cost laptop is taking, not the least of which is the addition of a multitouch display. That's right folks, the next iteration of the XO laptop -- XO-1.75 -- will sport a touchscreen display, and so will upcoming XO tablets.

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