UNVEILED: Sling Media previews SlingPlayer Mobile for Android

The Unwired: "While Sling Media's SlingPlayer Mobile, the mobile client for the company's Slingboxes, is already available for a while for several mobile platforms like Windows Mobile, the iPhone or BlackBerry, an Android version is still not available but we recently learned, that it seems to be in private Beta testing at the moment. Nevertheless, SlingMedia itself now gives a sneak-peek of the upcoming Android version on Facebook, demoing it on the brand new HTC EVO 4G. Like the latest SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Mobile and iPhone, the Android version seems to feature a nice looking but simplified finger-friendly GUI. No word yet if the SlingPlayer Mobile for Android will also native streaming over 3G wireless networks but it's most likely."

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fatstarr4378d ago

I cant wait to get my droid phone :D the possibilities are endless.