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Microsoft May Cut Zune Streaming Music Price, Executive Says

Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, may cut the monthly fee it charges for streaming music on its Zune portable player, senior product manager Terry Farrell said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Zune Pass, which features unlimited music streaming and 10 song downloads a month, now costs $14.99. Farrell didn’t say by how much Microsoft may cut the service’s price.

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Boldy4376d ago

That would be absolutely amazing. I already use this (amazing service) and it's already a good deal. If they lower it anymore, then it would practically be a steal.

brennton4376d ago

Yeah i agree, it would make it a very good service - and as you mention, basically prices would be a steal.

Syko4376d ago

This would be great considering I just bought my Wife a 32gig Zune HD...I put plenty of music on it for now but eventually we will go with the music plan.

astar1234567894375d ago

i didn't now zune was alive ill go use me itunes on my mac,iphone,ipod