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Verizon looking at non-unlimited plans for 4G data, will use LTE for voice by 2012

Engadget: "We'd not-so-secretly hoped that carriers would be looking to dispense with those troublesome 5GB caps on so-called "unlimited" 3G data plans, but there's a big problem with that: spectrum is still limited, and even though 4G technologies help use it more efficiently, it's still a constraint that the FCC is going to need many years to solve. We're not sure how much the spectrum crunch really factors in here, but in addition to his comments on Droid Incredible inventory problems, Verizon Wireless boss Lowell McAdam mentioned at a Barclays Capital conference this week that he hopes to move away from unlimited plans altogether for the company's LTE network, instead charging for "buckets" of megabytes, just like in the olden days -- despite the fact that it'll cost it a half to a third of what it costs today to transmit the same amount of data."

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astar1234567895105d ago

they don't want the same thing to happen to them like it happen to at&t, that there is more people download or uploading things to the net that is crippling there service. so they want to bang you so you get overages to pay for everything, i use my iphone more to surf then to call and its my main line in the house.


Verizon: Get a free iPhone 14 on us, no trade-in required

The offer ends August 30, so act fast!

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Verizon is trying to win people over with free Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade subscriptions

Verizon has teamed up with Google and Apple for a new incentive for the company’s unlimited plan customers.

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Verizon again sold Internet pioneer Yahoo and AOL for $5 billion

Internet pioneers Yahoo and AOL are changing hands yet again as Verizon is selling its Verizon Media branch for about $5 billion

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