Man Infects Himself with (Computer) Virus

PC World: We are one step closer to the future: a British scientist has become the first human being to contract a computer virus.

Yep, you heard that right. Dr. Mark Gasson, a cybernetics expert at the University of Reading, deliberately infected himself (by way of an RFID chip implanted in his wrist) with a benign computer virus. This was part of an experiment designed to show how implantable bionic devices are susceptible to computer viruses.

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fatstarr4381d ago

this is actually quite cool. the video was interesting i hope in the future i don't have to get a chip implanted in me. seems like the first bad move to a robotic takeover and some type of skynet ....

brennton4380d ago

Yeah not sure how it actually is a "human" virus - it's still on the computer chip, not actually the human themselves.