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3D News from DisplayWeek 2010

UltimateAV Mag: "The Society for Information Display (SID) hosts an annual conference called DisplayWeek, during which the latest display technologies are unveiled, often long before they become available in actual products. At this year's show in Seattle, Washington, several 3D-related announcements have already been made, and it's only the first day.

The biggest 3D news—both figuratively and literally—came from LG Display, which supplies flat-panel modules to LG Electronics and other manufacturers, which incorporate them into finished products. At DisplayWeek 2010, the company introduced the world's largest 3D flat panel TV, measuring 84 inches diagonally. Not only that, its resolution is 3840x2160, four times that of conventional HDTV. The press release doesn't say if this behemoth uses passive or active glasses."

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LG quietly fixes vulnerability in thousands of their TVs which could give access to hackers

Owners of LG TVs may want to learn about this vulnerability which could give hackers access to your device. Luckily, LG has rolled out a fix.


LG will supply EV batteries for Toyota electric cars - Acceleramota

LG Energy Solutions (yes, the LG that probably made your TV or monitor) signs its largest deal yet to arm Toyota electric cars with EV batteries.

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Impressive $300 off on 55 inch LG C2 deal while stocks last

It's a fantastic time to upgrade your TV thanks to Amazon Gaming Week that offers the LG C2 for a brilliant reduced price.

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