Ford SYNC owners to get stock quotes, horoscopes and movie listings shouted at them

Engadget: "Hooray for voice command systems... that no one uses. Okay, so maybe someone uses 'em, but until voice recognition software improves drastically and / or our own memory banks swell dramatically, we still see most motorists reaching for buttons, toggles and wheels when it comes time to interact with their vehicle. That said, existing Ford owners with SYNC'd rides can soon do a lot more talking with their system thanks to a few complimentary updates hitting the Traffic, Directions & Information (TDI) sector. The cloud-based service will allow drivers to demand that a given stock quote, horoscope, movie time or travel inquiry be sorted and shouted, and just in case you glossed that last sentence over, we're going to reiterate once more that your SYNC system will now read back your horoscope."

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Unleashing Potential: A Dive into ADAPT's Youth Programs

At ADAPT gym, our commitment to the community is reflected into three distinctive youth programs—ASAP (ADAPT Speed & Athletic Performance Training), ADAPT Kids, and the Youth Development Program (YDP)—meticulously designed to address the unique needs of various age groups while promoting holistic growth. Read along as ADAPT dives into three fitness programs, aimed to inspire young minds to not only become physically fit, but also equipped with the skills, confidence, and resilience needed to succeed in any pursuit.

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James Webb Space Telescope finds 'extremely red' supermassive black hole growing

The supermassive black hole is 40 million times as massive as the sun and powers a quasar that existed 700 million years after the Big Bang.


15 Tips & Settings to Get the Most Out of Vision Pro

Vision Pro is here and it’s a surprisingly capable device. Apple has also loaded the headset with a ton of options and features that aren’t obvious at first glance.

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