Sony Develops a “Rollable” OTFT-driven OLED Display that can wrap around a Pencil

Akihabara News: "Sony Corporation announced today that it developed a super-flexible 80 μm-thick 4.1-in 121 ppi OTFT*1-driven full color OLED display which can be wrapped around a thin cylinder.
To create the display, Sony developed OTFTs with an original organic semiconductor material (a PXX derivative) with eight times*2 the current modulation of conventional OTFTs. This was achived due to the development of integration technologies of OTFTs and OLEDs on an ultra-thin 20 μm thick flexible substrate (a flexible on-panel gate-driver circuit with OTFTs which is able to get rid of convetinal rigid driver IC chips interfering roll-up of a display) and soft organic insulators for all the insulators in the integration cuircuit. By combining these technologies, Sony successfully demonstrated the world’s first OLED panel*3 which is capable of reproducing moving images while being repeatly rolled-up – around a cylinder with a radius of 4 mm – and stretched."

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fatstarr4753d ago

Freakin Awesome!!!!!!! technology advances :D

Boldy4752d ago

Indeed it is. It will be pretty cool walking down the mall or something and seeing these wrapped around pillars and such.

himdeel4752d ago (Edited 4752d ago )

...I can imagine many applications for it besides super ultra lite televisions you roll onto your wall.