Nightwind 2: The Future Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Jalopnik: "This is the Nightwind 2, a compact, unmanned aerial vehicle made of carbon fiber. Powered by an amazing new two-stroke, direct-injected, 88-cc hybrid boxer engine developed by Ricardo the Nightwind will change the future of UAVs.

Unmanned aerial vehicles, a.k.a. drones, are not a new enterprise — they've been flying in military applications for years, and have become integral parts of both Air Force and Navy arsenals and key tools in ground-troop operations. Everyone knows the big bad Predator drones that fly mission in the war zones and have the capability to destroy targets remotely, but those require nearly as ground support as a regular manned aircraft. The cost and complexity of those big drones is driving development in much more user- and taxpayer friendly compact UAVs. The Nightwind is an example of the latter."

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