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Five reasons why you don’t actually need a Mac

Jacqueline DiOrio of writes:

From syncing with all your hip devices to the chic style society has come to value, the allure of the Mac is obvious. All of your friends are talking about how great they are, how well they work, and how much better they are than those frumpy old PCs you used to have.

There is, of course, that small issue of the large premiums to be paid over a regular laptop, but it’s worth it, right? Surely a Mac is such a superior and more reliable product that any additional cost is completely understandable?


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Strelnikov4379d ago

I've had a MacBook Pro for about 4 years, after having owned PCs exclusively... I use my MacBook a lot, but the browsers (Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome) all crash far more frequently, Photoshop crashes occasionally which never happens on my PC, Granular controls over various features are far more difficult to get to than in Windows (I know how to use the terminal, but it's more trouble than it's worth), good free software is hard to find and most games I would want to play still aren't available... Luckily, I've got my desktop for all my media needs.

duplissi4379d ago

one reason... i dont have or need one now.

tatical4379d ago

I also have a Macbook Pro for my laptop (since January '06 or '07... I forgot). My web browsers (Safari & Chrome) are reliable & I don't experience crashes like the other guy above. A lot of that stuff is true, but you can also make a list saying that you don't need a Windows based machine. I use both Windows & OS X, but at least with OS X I don't have to worry about viruses (there aren't any).

duplissi4378d ago

thats not entirely true... there are some viruses.

astar1234567894377d ago

i don't have a problem with my mac it could something you added