Should iCare About iBooks?

The iPad may be magical and revolutionary, but where and how does iBooks fit into that picture? Can it possibly change your reading habits, or can nothing beat the traditional bound book?

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bonifaceviii4753d ago

I've got a Kindle DX and an iPad, and my Kindle's winning the ebooks war hands-down. Reading in sunlight is an important feature, and Kindle's superior selection and cheaper pricing wins the day as far as I'm concerned. Apple's got a lot of work to do if it wants to turn iBooks into real competition.

snoop_dizzle4753d ago (Edited 4753d ago )

I would say it depends on the user. If you're a heavy reader, an e-ink reader is likely more ideal. However if you want multimedia as well, an e-reader really wont serve you that well if you want an all in one device.

I wouldn't mind the iPad (or potentially another tablet) for text books for example, and then multimedia on the side. If I'm going to spend a ton on text books, I may as well get them in the way I want. Maybe even if they sell a digital copy alongside a physical copy. However, I'm not sure if iBooks will get a ton of text books or Amazon Kindle's store and the like. It would be cool if they did though.

fatstarr4753d ago

so is that why amazon partnered with Microsoft to spam ie8? just wondering

brennton4752d ago

I'm actually a fan of the iBooks app. My only problem is that you can't buy books from within iTunes, which sucks.

DojoGrant4752d ago

I'm wondering if that will change once the iPhone gets iBooks in OS 4.0.