15 Essential Features for the Apple iPad 2

Trusted Reviews: As wonderful as the 9.7in display is, one of the most common complaints made of the iPad is that it's too big and too heavy.

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fatstarr4377d ago

already in considerations for a part II. sadly consumers would cause it to sell out on day one if the ipad2 launched 1 month after the ipad came out.

PaPa-Slam4377d ago

I never adopt a product early, especially when it comes to Apples products, only after few days of it's launch Apple announced Iphone OS 4.

I'll get the next version for sure which hopefully will include Camera,Flash, USB Ports & What not.

brennton4376d ago

This article points out some really good points - but does it really need a camera? I mean in all honesty what's the big deal about a camera?