Proposed class action settlement would let you unlock almost any AT&T handset -- except the iPhone

Engadget: "So the good news is that a class action lawsuit out in Cali is on the cusp of coming to a resolution, and the resolution will require AT&T to provide an unlock code for just about any phone it has sold since March 12, 1999 -- in other words, you'll be able to take the phone and use it on any GSM carrier of your choice. We say "just about" because there's one big exception -- any phone for which AT&T secured an exclusivity period of at least ten months -- which naturally includes the iPhone (in fact, it's called out by name in the settlement). There are some stipulations, too; if you're postpaid, you have to have been a customer for at least 90 days, and even devices with exclusivity periods of less than ten months can't be unlocked until the period is over (which admittedly makes good sense)."

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