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Google Pac-Man responsible for over 4.82 million wasted hours of productivity

Just a few days ago, Google posted an interactive version of the popular Pac-Man game in commemoration of 30 years of entertainment. Some interesting stats have been generated from the buzz caused by the Pac-Man program.

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fatstarr4758d ago

that's pretty interesting. i saw it and i said wtf if this moves Google is crazy.
and then it did i beat it once expecting a level change but it just reset keeping my score. hopefully some crazy guy or gal doesn't try to sue them. I wonder what they would do for Mario.

Speed-Racer4758d ago

I think if they made a game for every legend like Mario, Tetris, Pong and so on... no one would work xD... we would enter another recession.

fatstarr4758d ago

Google would be in some serious hot water, but I would just like to see the innovation. lol

Speed-Racer4758d ago

I have a feeling that most of their new logos will be interactive in some way now... they stepped up their own game and now that cant go back lol.