Top 5 iPhone FAILS

ZDnet: "Overall, ZDnet is pretty impressed with the iPhone but we're no fanboy, and we are more than willing to accept that the iPhone, as a work tool, has some serious failings."

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-Mezzo-4383d ago

The biggest fail is shown in the Picture, Tying the Iphone with AT&T was stupid.

PaPa-Slam4383d ago

You still pissed about this, after all these years, let it go BRO. :)

Theoneneo814382d ago

this article Fails lol it takes 2 touches to go to bluetooth if your to damn lazy to go through the settings just use spotlight.

Battery if you mannage it smartly its no big deal turn off BT if you dont have it on lower Screen brightness comon sense will help here

App updates again thats not the iPhone's fault its the Devs so yeah

I'd Say im surprise this article but hey its a Cnet partner site they always have a nitpick when they review or talk about apple products