MySpace Turns to New Design, Ad Push to Revive Fortunes

MySpace is planning a major relaunch this summer, co-presidents Jason Hirschorn and Mike Jones said in an onstage interview at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference today. The release will include a “reimagining” of the site’s front end around the concept of discovery as well as a logo redesign, said Hirschorn, and will be backed up with a marketing campaign to “help solidify this is what we’re going to be.”

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fatstarr4386d ago

hmm this might prove to be interesting dont call it a comeback o.o with all the new fb haters tom might be happy

brennton4386d ago

Yeah probably won't change much.

fatstarr4385d ago

I think it would if they marketed it right and grabbed the right media attention and the right celebs and facebook messes up with privacy more it can be turned into myspaces advantage.

brennton4385d ago

Perhaps. But then again, the whole idea of MySpace just doesn't seem "cool" to their target audience anymore - like it used to.