Five reasons not to buy an iPhone

Good Gear Guide: "Put your hand up if you remember the days when it was cool to have an iPhone? (Raises hand!) Once upon a time the iPhone was the latest wow-factor gadget, a device so sought after that you could walk down the street carrying one and receive any number admiring stares.

Fast forward to 2010 and your Apple smartphone is "just another iPhone." After all, it is just one of more than 85 million iPhone and iPod Touch devices that Apple has sold worldwide since its launch in 2007."

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fatstarr4763d ago

an article i can agree with
i am so anti itunes apple should be sued for forcing you to use itunes if you have an ipod or iphone.

Media monkey and vlc media player all day.

brennton4763d ago

iTunes was revolutionary. Most home users don't have the knowledge or want to download other apps - and those ones are especially difficult to use, and they just want a one-stop shop like iTunes that does everything.

Ru4763d ago

4 out of 5 are valid negatives of the iPhone IMO
I like iTunes on my PC and have no trouble using it.

Also the way this article starts out is stupid.
You shouldn't not want an iPhone because a lot of people have one and you shouldn't want one because a lot of people have one!

fatstarr4763d ago

its something about song lockouts that pissed me off when i couldn't play songs that my friend forgot the account password for.