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Intel Targets Super-Thin Ultraportables With New ULV Core Processors

Gizmodo: "Intel expanded its processor family today with six new chips, each designed to make ultraportable notebooks thinner, lighter, and more efficient. We're talking laptops less than an inch thick with ULV Core i7 inside. That's just beautiful.

The new mobile Core processors—based on the same 32-nanometer chip design the standard voltave i5 and i7—promise 15% less power consumption and a 30% thinner form factor without sacrificing key features like Hyper Threading and Turbo Boost.

While the chips are ideal for the thin-and-light market, don't expect to see them popping up elsewhere. In a webcast today, Intel's Mooly Eden noted that while the new series can handle some graphics and media, they won't be able to run heavy gaming. At the same time, they're still too large to show up in tablet devices."