PC Mag: The 5 Best (Now Cancelled) "Get a Mac" Apple Ads

PC Mag: As hinted at by Justin Long—the "Apple" in the company's humorous "Get a Mac" series of advertisements alongside "PC" counterpart John Hodgman—the campaign has finally run its course since the airing of the series' final commercial in October of 2009. Apple has stripped its site of the parody advertisements and any outstanding "Get a Mac" links now redirect to the company's "Why You'll Love a Mac" information series.

fatstarr5146d ago

Lol no matter how much you hate apple you just gotta love these commercials
i am mad they didn't include the best one.


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thegabecarey507d ago

Jeez, that's more than $400 off for the Professional version. Probably the least sketchy *legal* way to get this so cheap.


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