Will Head Mounted Displays Replace Monitors for Gaming?

Digital Trends writes: "I’ve been messing with AMD Eyefinity stuff for several months and NVIDIA’s 3D Vision platform for around year. Both are really cool, but have severe limitations that reduce their usefulness which seem to have less and less to do with the technology from each firm and more to do with the limitations of the displays that are available. There is another big push on head mounted displays coming and since I’m one of the few that used, for awhile, the $25,000 head mounted Sony display for gaming successfully I think, designed right, monitors could actually become obsolete. Granted it will take awhile, but let’s explore this."

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Ru4384d ago

I'd buy 3 and wear them all at the same time.
But seriously, i would be intrested in replacing a monitor with somthing like this.
I wonder if they will have these at CES?

Cyrus3654384d ago

It only would make sense, if it's light weight, and not overly expensive, and has to be wireless, no one wants a bunch of wires hanging off them.