The best home cinema set ups in the world today

Pocket Lint writes: "You've just won the lottery, you've decided that you need a home cinema installed in your house, where do you start? Well one suggestion is to look at the winners of this year's CEDIA awards.

Standing for Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, CEDIA is an organisation of experienced companies involved in the design and installation of Home Cinema and electronic systems in the home."

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Cyrus3653938d ago

Some of these "Home Cinemas" are just absolutely sick, and the price they spent on it.

Aikuchi3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I guess this is the definition of a disposable income.

Imagine have those babys when football season starts.

Talk about a Ultimate Super Bowl Party.

Cyrus3653938d ago

I think that's a given if you have a home theater like that, you want to share it amongst your friends? Or what's the point?