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With 3-D in Newspapers, Is This Tech Trend Overdone?

Shira Ovide of WSJ writes: "lready flooded with 3-D movies, 3-D televised sporting events and 3-D scantily clad women, the world now will have a 3-D newspaper section.

The Philadelphia Inquirer said today it will publish part of its newspaper in 3-D next month, showing off photos and 3-D ads, including one from Best Buy. The technology also will be available on, the local Web portal owned by the Inquirer’s parent company.

“Most people associate 3-D with electronic media but the 3-D experience in newspaper revolutionizes the reader’s experience and engages them in yet another way,” Philadelphia Inquirer Publisher Brian Tierney said in a statement."

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YouTube Calls Out OpenAI for Alleged Sora Training Terms Breach

According to Bloomberg, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has expressed concern regarding the potential misuse of platform content by OpenAI’s Sora, an AI-driven video creation tool.

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15 Tips & Settings to Get the Most Out of Vision Pro

Vision Pro is here and it’s a surprisingly capable device. Apple has also loaded the headset with a ton of options and features that aren’t obvious at first glance.

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Why Crypto Idealogues Won’t Touch Bitcoin ETFs

The arrival of spot bitcoin ETFs in the US offers easy access to the masses. Purists will steer clear.

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