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Oprah Moment, Take 2: Google gives an EVO 4G to everyone at I/O

MobileCrunch: "Okay. Think back to elementary school. Your buddy got a brand new toy for Christmas — the one you’ve been wanting for months. Your parents got you socks. Remember that feeling? That feeling of loss for something you never had? That’s called jealousy, friend. Now magnify that by a hundred.

Google just gave everyone at I/O the EVO 4G.

As Vic Gundotra put it: “To everyone watching back home on Youtube.. I’m.. I’m sorry? Register early next year!” Yeah, that includes me. Sad face emoticon here"

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brennton5119d ago

I love how Google do this. Shame I couldn't attend I/O this year - but those attendees are going to be so popular when they go home!


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