iPad Users: We Want Adobe Flash

By now, every techie under the sun knows that Apple(AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs has issues with Adobe(ADBE) and its Flash software.

Some of the highlights of the Apple leader's open letter on Flash include how its performance, reliability and security are all shoddy. All are reasons that Apple has decided not to support Flash on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

But a recent survey of Apple iPad users indicates that Steve Jobs may have missed the mark when it comes to his Apple customers and Adobe Flash. According to ChangeWave research, the top complaint among the first Apple iPad owners is the lack of Flash capability on the Apple device.

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brennton4768d ago

i have a feeling that this is only because of the media coverage around the issue, making such a big deal about it. To the general consumer, Flash means nothing - only those in the tech industry/tech enthusiasts usually know what Flash is. To everyone else, it just "runs".