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Best tips for improving your TV picture quality right now

Pocket-Lint writes: "So you've bought this brilliantly large (read perfect size for your lounge) television, but think the picture quality could be better, chances are it probably could, but that's not because you've bought a duff one (read our best TVs feature to make sure you don't) but because you haven't tuned it properly.

We sat down with Stuart Tickle, MD of AWE, one of Europe's leading distributors of audio-visual products for custom installation into homes, and board member of CEDIA to see what tips you can follow at home."

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Ray1864383d ago

until that nonsense about HDMI cables.

brennton4383d ago

Mmm not sure many of those would improve my television.

fatstarr4378d ago (Edited 4378d ago )

this article is for the die hard hd-1080p fan that buys every movie on blue ray and has it so his lighting doesn't effect the black levels of his new TV...