Gadget Review: Sony Bloggie PM5

A wise man once said, “I want it good, fast, and cheap.” A wiser man said, “You have to pick two… it is not possible to have all three.” That is exactly what we have here. We have a device from Sony aimed directly at the Flip Video, a market created by the company of the same name, to bring you HD in your pocket. Not only any HD (if you are unfamiliar with the formats), but FULL 1080 HD and for only $149.99!

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brennton4387d ago

Not so sure the market for these types of devices is very big these days. Smart phones that record footage are now just as good, and are built into the one device so you don't have to carry others with you.

Digisoup4387d ago

While there are a good amount of smart phones that record footage (hopefully the new iphone will have HD but I doubt it) people have always seemed to want better. The handheld digital (still) camera is still around (although i would bet declining) but there are other factors as well. Such as the prices of DSLR's getting cheaper. I think the said can be said of video. Having the feature in cell phones train users to want to shoot video. But the more they shoot, they'll begin to realize the limitations and want more. That's where the market for these devices are created from.

brennton4387d ago

I guess so. Smart phone does enough for me however!

Digisoup4387d ago

The question may be how many pockets do you have? Because at the very least most people have a cell phone and an mp3 player. (See argument before about users wanting more) The third device for many digerati would be a digital camera. Now if you add a video device that's 4 and you start to become weighed down.