MacWorld Review: Palm Pre Plus

MacWorld: The Palm Pre Plus is really more of an update of the original Pre on Sprint () than a completely new product. Even so, the subtle hardware tweaks combined with AT&T’s network make it an overall improvement from its predecessor. Some quirks remain, however, with the keyboard design and the sluggishness of the software.

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brennton5077d ago

The Palm Pre Plus really hasn't got much going for it, especially now that HP have acquired Palm. The real exciting news will be when a tablet running WebOS is released (which it will be). That will be extremely exciting, and would be an extremely viable alternative to the iPad (unlike the HP Slate running Windows 7).


Palm Pre Plus out of stock on Verizon and AT&T online

PreCentral: We're not sure if you can derive any information from this, but we've had several readers let us know that both Verizon Wireless online and AT&T online have been out of stock on the Palm Pre Plus for some time now. We'd sort of been assuming that we had a overstuffed channel on both carriers so seeing it out of stock since last week has been odd.

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Sprint Pre Plus hack detailed in step-by-step guide

Engadget: WebOS device hacking has reach some considerable heights recently with a mod to bring WiFi to a Sprint Palm Pixi, but it looks like even that's now been topped by this hack that finally brings the Pre Plus to Sprint.

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BlackBerry Torch vs Motorola Milestone vs Palm Pre Plus

Pocket-Lint: So, after months of speculation the BlackBerry Torch touchcreen slider has been launched along with the BlackBerry 6 OS software. This flagship RIM handset will no doubt capture the hearts of hardcore BlackBarians the world over, who will doubtless head straight out onto the intertubes and get their pre-order in. However, those closer to the mobile phone fence might be less sure if it’s the QWERTY phone for them.

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