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Engadget Review HTC EVO 4G

"As a mobile platform, the EVO 4G's Android foundation is still an infant -- well, okay, perhaps it's a tweener -- but in its two-odd years in the public spotlight, the list of truly revolutionary devices to use it has been a significant one: the G1 for being the first to market; the Nexus One for ushering in a new (and subsequently killed) retail model; perhaps the CLIQ for introducing Motorola to the platform or the Droid for bringing the company some desperately needed, long overdue success. For the moment, anyway, a whopping fraction of the world's most important phones are running Google's little experiment."

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brennton4423d ago

Looks like a very good phone. Probably the best HTC have produced in a long, long, time. Will it compete against the iPhone? Nope, nor should it have too. The Android app store still doesn't stack up against the iTunes App Store, but at least it's viable competition. It's a phone of its own genre.

snoop_dizzle4423d ago (Edited 4423d ago )

I was considering this phone, but if the battery is really lacking, I may hold off. Perhaps the next EVO and when I can get 4G. I need to see Android grow a bit more before I jump to Android. The iTunes App Store may be closed down, but it has a pretty good amount of apps that I like (Android at least to my knowledge lacks in the games department as well). In a half year or a year though I think Android will be at the top of its game.

However, this phone should make a lot of people happy, and it's one of the few Android devices that was causing me to want to switch to Android. Since the W7 phones seem to be going the Zune route (and hopefully audio quality wise as well), my eyes may be looking toward there, or perhaps stick with my 3GS.

Thracks4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

Ever since I learned that this phone packs a TFT LCD, I've had the hots for it. HTC's PenTile-based AMOLEDs are garbage: blue-hued whites, oversaturated reds, and *covered* in an extraordinarily shitty dithering effect that's especially obvious on high-contrast borders.

Bring on the EVO!