WSJ review: Sprint 4G HTC EVO Hits New Speeds, but Battery Lags

WSJ: "The major wireless phone companies have begun building out the next generation of cellular phone systems, called 4G, or fourth-generation, networks.

Sprint is leading this race. Its 4G network already is available in 32 cities, and the company plans to add at least 14 more by year end.

However, the data speeds I got in my tests weren't spectacular, or anywhere close to the typical maximum Sprint claims, even in Baltimore, where the company's 4G network is mature. And, when using 4G, the EVO's battery runs down alarmingly fast. In my tests, it didn't last through a full day with 4G turned on. The carrier, in fact, is thinking of advising users to turn off the 4G network access when they don't think they need it, to save battery life. This undercuts the whole idea of faster cellular speeds.
If you are hungry for more cellular data speed, and live in a current 4G Sprint city, the EVO may be just what you need, as long as you're prepared for short battery life."


Video review from WSJ

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