Undercover Chinese reporter exposes Foxconn working conditions

Engadget: "Some time in April, Chinese news site Southern Weekend sent its intern, Liu Zhiyi, on a 28-day undercover mission at Foxconn's Shenzhen factory, as part of an investigation on what could've led to this year's numerous suicides in one of China's largest factories. While the report doesn't comment on the company's management and support networks (or the lack of) for front-line workers, it appears that the real problem lies in Chinese workers' definition of a "good factory" -- one that pays more by means of offering overtime hours. It's clear what's causing this perception -- there's the sub-standard minimum wage in Shenzhen, and then there are the companies abusing this fact to lure workers with overtime hours above the legal limit.

We can't help but to think that Foxconn's $565m net profit in Q1 2010 can somewhat rectify this, and we urge its clients -- Apple, Dell, HP, Sony, Amazon, etc. -- to look into this matter once again."

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