Yahoo Buys Associated Content

PCMAG: Yahoo's content strategy plays on its own role as a search provider: since it knows what topics users are searching for, the company will then ask the Associated Content writers to produce content on those topics.


Verizon again sold Internet pioneer Yahoo and AOL for $5 billion

Internet pioneers Yahoo and AOL are changing hands yet again as Verizon is selling its Verizon Media branch for about $5 billion

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All the wonderfully whack tech we found in March

KnowTechie writes: If you need something to look forward to every month, it's this list of wonderfully whack tech, useful, curious, strange and new.

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Verizon signs deal to install bloatware on new Samsung devices

If you're buying a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ from Verizon, expect to see Yahoo-based apps and Bixby news content on your devices in the near future.

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Speed-Racer2214d ago

I thought we were progressing away from this crap?

SunnyZ2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )

Only stupid people buy phones on plans anyway, so this is right up their alley.
Buy CLEAN phone crapware-free for $500 now, or pay $3,000 for crapware-filled phone over 2 years...
Hmm hard decisions...

CurbStompin2213d ago ShowReplies(1)
ajax172213d ago

My next phone is definitely going to be a Sony.