How a Google Tablet could be better than the iPad

Google is reportedly working on a tablet with Verizon to compete with Apple's newly released iPad. After waiting in the wings, the new tablet could have several advantages in the functionality department. Here are several reasons why a Google Tablet could be better than the iPad.

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brennton4768d ago

Honestly? I don't think an Android tablet would be as successful as the iPad mainly because of the App Store. The Android Apps would all need to be upgraded - and given the platform is already so splintered as it is, adding yet another version of Android would be almost disastrous. Google really need to reign in the amount of different versions of Android there are going around at the moment - that's a key reason why the iPhone OS has been so popular with developers. It would be like placing the Nexus One against the iPhone, and look who won that battle.

unicronic4767d ago

You raise a good point. Apple's killer offering is indeed the App Store. Android's opportunity it being device agnostic. Plus with the introduction of Flash, there will be a shift to Android.

It will indeed be interesting to see what what happens. Android right now need to ensure OS incremental updates are supported by all devices otherwise they run the risk of customer burnout. Already all pre-Android OS 2.0 handsets are essentially obselete. Apple have done a good job of keeping all devices supported, that could be Android's Achilles heel.

ChickeyCantor4767d ago

I think Google got it all covered...I mean they want Android to become popular. So its only logical they are doing loads of research and work closely with third parties.

I dont have an Android, but love it already.
I cant wait to get my hands on an Android supporting device.

brennton4767d ago

And as shown in the screenshot at it's likely we'll hear more about Android and how Google will combat the splintering tomorrow at Google I/O. (Though I'm not sure they realise what a problem it is).