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techPowerUp: Zalman ZM-M215W 3D Monitor Review

techPowerUp writes: "We get to take a look at the Zalman ZM-M215W 3D Monitor today. With the third dimension picking up speed in the movie theaters, for games and Blu-Rays, it is obvious that we will see actual 3D monitors on the market nowadays. Zalman showed off the technology quite some time ago - well before such a feature really caught on, but now that it has they are releasing updated models of their LCDs. The new line-up is available in 21.5" and 24". Both of them are 16:9 so that you should not have any black bars when watching modern clips in 3D."

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Zalman Issues Official Statement on Bankruptcy Rumors

We reached out to Zalman a couple of weeks ago after reading multiple reports that it was headed for bankruptcy as a result of alleged bank fraud by its parent company Moneual. Zalman responded, though later asked us to pull our follow-up article until it had a chance to draft an official statement. That statement came today, and as previously reported, Zalman contends the bankruptcy rumors are "completely false," though it's true that its parent company was involved in a $3 billion fraud conspiracy.

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Zalman Claims Bankruptcy Rumors are Completely False

We can all cool it, Zalman isn't going bankrupt, nor is the company abandoning its customers, we're told. Following numerous reports that Zalman was forced into filing bankruptcy due to a scandal involving its parent company, Moneual, we reached out to one of our contacts to see what was going on. Short and sweet, we're told that no bankruptcy proceedings involving Zalman are taking place and that the company will continue to release products.

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Zalman Reportedly Files for Bankruptcy, Allegations of Bank Fraud Arise

Any veteran in the PC space is familiar with the Zalman brand. Zalman has dabbled in a number of different products and is perhaps best known as a pioneering force in quiet computing through its line of high-end CPU coolers. Unfortunately, we've come across some disturbing reports about Zalman that make us question the company's future. Specifically, there are reports that Zalman has filed for bankruptcy and that its parent company may have been involved in bank fraud.

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