HTC Hero with Cox branding spotted

Androidcentral: It's no great secret that Cox (as in Cox Cable) is working on on its own wireless service. And low and behold, it appears that Cox may have been using at least one Android phone for what likely is network testing, but maybe more.

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Cox apparently throttled an entire neighborhood’s internet after one user’s “excessive usage”

When you get an unlimited internet package, you would think that meant unlimited internet, right? Well, in the case of at least one Cox cable customer.

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Headset-Only Version Of The Cosmos Elite Will Sell For $549

Starting in April, HTC will start shipping a headset-only option for the Vive Cosmos Elite, along with a free copy of Half-Life: Alyx, for $549.


HTC's Vive Cosmos has the company's highest-resolution screens to date

Here are the specs of the Vive Cosmos.

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