Just How Much Is A Facebook Page Worth?

How much is your Facebook page worth?

The question has probably never crossed your mind, but marketers have been trying to measure their social media investments in dollar signs for some time, and now they have a tool that may help them do just that, at least to an extent.

Vitrue, a company that works with marketers to develop a create and maintain a strong social media strategy, recently released the Social Page Evaluator, a free Web application that generates an estimated annual dollar value of a Facebook page based on varying factors like the number of Facebook users who like the page, the level of interaction and how frequently posts are added to the page.

fatstarr5090d ago

pretty cool article doesn't seem useful for the average user. Most facebook pages that i threw at it were not accepted but maybe i am doing it wrong.

Speed-Racer5090d ago

The big pages bring lots of hits. My site was linked on some group with just 3000 members and I got over 7000 hits in just 6 hours....imagine those million member groups such as "Oh the sale is over LOL j/k, its not" ... most sites would be no where without social networks.


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