New Version of Android to Feature Flash, Tethering

While many Android users are still patiently waiting for version 2.1 of the OS to be released for their handsets, the net is thrumming with rumours of new features to come in Android 2.2 - codenamed Froyo.

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Captain Tuttle4769d ago

It just keeps getting better and better

Serg4769d ago

It sure does, I just wish the manufacturers/providers could keep up with the pace and release the updates for older phones, too.

fatstarr4769d ago

I want to see the phones of 2011... its making it hard for me to figure out what Droid phone to upgrade to with all these new features coming out its so hard to be stuck to a 2 year contract.

ChickeyCantor4769d ago

I want an Android phone so bad...but 500 for a phone? D=

Myst4769d ago

Whoa wait what? 500? I paid about 140 for mine I think, or is your contract not up yet :/?

ChickeyCantor4769d ago

Thats the thing I got something called Sim-only(not sure how you call it). I never buy phones with some contract attached to it. I just buy them separately.

I neeed it, I want to try and develop some stuff for it.
Although the SDK comes with an emulator...but still...

Thracks4769d ago

Not to toot my own horn, but I submitted an article a few days ago that has even more information about the new version of Android than this does: