Is iPad supercharging e-book piracy?

Cnet: Recently, Scott Turow, the best-selling author of legal thrillers, including "Innocent"--his just released sequel to "Presumed Innocent"--was named president of The Authors Guild. That Turow, a practicing lawyer, was named president is probably no coincidence, considering the myriad issues that authors and publishers now face as digital books and e-book readers not only disrupt the marketplace but leave it vulnerable to that nasty little vermin commonly known as piracy.

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fatstarr4394d ago

I think that if you build it they will pirate it. welcome to the internet e-books.
"book piracy costs the industry nearly $3 billion, or over 10 percent of total revenue."
and I seriously find that hard to believe because they get freshman every year in college that buy all their books. companies are so greedy all of a sudden.