If You Want Freedom, Don’t Use Proprietary Software

Mashable: "Free software pioneer Richard Stallman spoke with us recently about the principles of free and open source programs, and what he had to say is as relevant and revolutionary as when he first started working in this field 30 years ago.

Our community has been talking a lot lately about what it means to be open, about what makes software open, about what makes companies open. No matter what talk of “openness” you hear in the media, no major web company — not Facebook, not Google, not Adobe and certainly not Apple — is creating truly free and open applications. Some may make gestures toward this ideology with APIs or “open source” projects, but ultimately, the company controls the software and the users’ data."

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fatstarr4765d ago

By freedom, he means four things:

1. The software should be freely accessible.
2. The software should be free to modify.
3. The software should be free to share with others.
4. The software should be free to change and redistribute copies of the changed software.

that is true but the world is too evil corrupt and money hungry. but we are heading in that direction regardless.