How would you change Fusion Garage's JooJoo?

Engadget: "Alright, so we gave you the opportunity to rant and rave on Apple's iPad last week, and it's only fitting that Fusion Garage's much-anticipated JooJoo go next. To date, it's pretty safe to say that quite a bit less (we're understating things here, obviously) JooJoo tablets have been sold than the aforesaid iPad, but that's not to say none of you have one. On the off-chance that you actually are the proud owner of a JooJoo, we couldn't be more eager to hear how you'd tweak things if given the golden opportunity. Would you make the screen a touch smaller? Alter the exterior design in any way? Swap the CPU or GPU? Toss on a different operating system? Force it to use iTunes like only a true sadist would? Go on, the floor's yours"

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