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AT&T to cover about 250M people with HSPA+ by year's end

Engadget: "AT&T has changed its story on its 3.5G / 3.75G strategy prior to rolling out LTE seemingly countless times in the past couple years, but the good news is that the latest policy shift is a decidedly positive one: it intends to cover about 250 million Americans in speedy (well, hopefully speedy) HSPA+ by the end of 2010. The remarks came today from AT&T Operations CEO John Stankey at a Reuters event, going on to say that the company intends to "double" its theoretical 7.2Mbps maximum on HSPA; it seems almost certain that the move is in response to T-Mobile's aggressive moves into 21Mbps territory recently -- not to mention commercial WiMAX availability on Sprint and the impending launch of a handful of LTE markets on Verizon -- but realistically HSPA+ on AT&T could easily run anywhere between 7.2 and 14.4Mbps depending on market, backhaul capacity, and countless other factors. Works out well for a presumed iPhone launch, doesn't it?"

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