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50,000 sued over "Hurt Locker" piracy

Yahoo writes: "Tempted to see what the fuss over Oscar winner "The Hurt Locker" is all about? Tread lightly, and keep away from file-sharing networks, because Voltage Pictures, which produced the film, is suing upwards of 50,000 individuals who allegedly pirated the film online, according to the Hollywood Reporter's media-law blog.

In the world of anti-piracy litigation, that number is staggering. Here's how to put it in perspective. As of 2008, after five long years of litigation efforts, the Recording Industry Association of America had threatened legal action against just 30,000 individuals, a drop in the bucket compared to the action Voltage is taking over a single pirated film, all at once".

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Speed-Racer5092d ago

Hmm they got sued over that boring movie?

-Mezzo-5092d ago

lol, i din't got an email or any mail yet. :P

fatstarr5092d ago

bleah its just a bawww article. When actors get paid less and movies cost 7$ ill gladly see them all. but until then ill let others pirate them and stream them. watch them at school(when they get the theatrical hits months later), see them on the TV or just borrow the DVD. i only truly watch comedy's.


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