All hands on deck: Facebook’s emergency privacy meeting was a total failure

Matt Jancaitis of writes: "In apparent response to recent furor, Facebook called an all-hands meeting at the company with one topic in mind: privacy. What did they emerge from the shindig with? An anti-hacking system. Talk about missing the ****ing point."

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Speed-Racer4772d ago

Wow I read the whole article thinking the result of the meeting was in the end *sigh*...didnt see it at the top. But FB fails huge on this one... I think a major portion of their flaw is user unawareness.... when new privacy settings are set in place, most users have their profiles opened with the option to rehide it...but most dont since the recommended settings are not what we always want. My profile is shut tight (not considering if info is leaked to 3rd party sites via their back end), so im not rly too upset, but if the day comes when i cant hide anything... fk it... im deleting my account permanently like Leo.

fatstarr4771d ago

Its pretty funny actually because it shows the typical facebook user doesn't know anything about the internet they click and don't read. Ive seen people that have put their home addresses, phone numbers, cellphones, work number and family details on facebook. I have nothing real on mine except my name and my interests and likes + school.

Speed-Racer4771d ago

same... I dont even have interests... i took out all my personal info... so Im not worried... Im now seeing sites dedicated to getting people to delete their accounts...they should blame themselves...not facebook for careless info leaks.