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They Walk. They Work. New DNA Robots Strut Their Tiny Stuff.

The WSJ writes: "For the first time, microscopic robots made from DNA molecules can walk, follow instructions and work together to assemble simple products on an atomic-scale assembly line, mimicking the machinery of living cells, two independent research teams announced Wednesday."

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jwalkerz5092d ago

what if sumone hack those dna walkers and take a person hostage?

Syko5092d ago

Fuuuuuuu, So since these robots are being controlled or cued from merely outside chemicals on the ground they walk on...What exactly would keep these Micro-Terminators from going rogue?


James Webb Space Telescope finds 'extremely red' supermassive black hole growing

The supermassive black hole is 40 million times as massive as the sun and powers a quasar that existed 700 million years after the Big Bang.


15 Tips & Settings to Get the Most Out of Vision Pro

Vision Pro is here and it’s a surprisingly capable device. Apple has also loaded the headset with a ton of options and features that aren’t obvious at first glance.

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Odysseus mission to be cut short after moon lander's sideways touchdown

Engineers expect to lose contact with the private US moon lander Odysseus on Tuesday, cutting short the mission after its sideways touchdown last week.

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